Physician Owned Pulmonary
Rehabilitation in the Office Setting
Chad M. Boomer - President & CEO

"While pulmonary rehabilitation services have typically been provided in a facility setting, many respiratory care services can be safely provided and appropriately reimbursed in the out patient physician office setting..." (CHEST 2006; 129: 169-173) Read More...

-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Policy & Procedure Manuals-

After years of success and establishing our specialty niche in the medical community we have decided to make our complete outpatient pulmonary rehab P&P manuals and turnkey operation available. We provide a comprehensive blueprint for a successful state of the art pulmonary rehab clinic.

As we develop and launch pulmonary rehab programs and cost centers for our clients, we also continue ongoing pulmonary rehab consulting & management services.


Pulmonary RehabWorks, LLC has successfully streamlined the only entirely physician owned clinic based one-on-one pulmonary rehab out patient program in the country. PRW collaborates with some of the most successful physicians, physician groups and specialty clinics enabling them to provide in their offices, a state of the art program giving pulmonary patients the tools and education to live a better quality of life.

• Physicians can now capture the revenue stream that inefficient hospital based group rehab programs have traditionally taken from them. Now there is no need to refer your patient out to a hospital or a rehab center. You can capture revenue previously unattainable while maintaining the ability to track your patients’ daily progress and improve their clinical outcomes.

• Over the past thirty-plus years, the efficacy and scientific foundation for pulmonary rehabilitation has been firmly established. Pulmonary rehabilitation is the standard of care for persons with chronic lung disease and disabling symptoms and a critical component of their clinical management.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – 1999, Am J Respir Crit Care med 159:1666-1682
Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Joint ACCP/AACVPR Evidence-based Guidelines, CHEST 1997;

American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP)

Pulmonary rehabilitation is now considered to be a mainstay of treatment for patients with chronic lung disease.... Read More...

:: After twelve weeks of pulmonary rehab nearly 89% of the patients go on to live a much healthier life and on an average stay out of the hospital more then a year at a time. This is compared to three to four visits to the ER per year ::

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